The Cutest Ever!

Three weeks ago, this puppy was on death row. Today, she's in the arms of her new mom, Lynn!

Updated May 8th, 2005.


Star_becomes_OreoSherry and Nunzio devoted their entire day trekking all the way down to Miami three weeks ago to save this absolutely perfect little three-month-old Dalmatian puppy. (A 13-year-old poodle also hitched a ride on the way back to Poodle Rescue!)

Star, as we called her, already had a potential foster home thanks to someone reading our website plea and stepping forward to help.

We had no idea how this precious baby ended up in a high-kill shelter, but we sure are glad we got her out.

Now adopted and with a new name, "Oreo", here she is with her new People-Mom Lynn. Isn't this just the sweetest picture? Oreo also has a two-year-old adopted Boxer-mix friend named Roxy and will now live happily ever after!