Max Gets Sweet Justice

Max_hammered-headIN THE NEWS: Some of you may remember the 2-year-old mix that we rescued last year who was beat so severely in the head with a hammer, his skull was cracked open. We have just found out the cruel person who did this had his day in court earlier this week. Although the case was won, there was little justice in it. Sadly as in most animal cruelty cases, no one would come forth as a witness to say they saw him beating the dog (although everyone heard it happening). He was only slapped with a $263 fine for failure to provide medical treatment to his animal. Hopefully, this man will have bad karma for many years to come.

The best revenge we feel we got for little Max was putting him in a perfect home with people who just say they can't love him enough. He's the dog they have always wished for and will never suffer abuse again. (Max will be featured in our 2006 DRTB calendar so you will get to see just how wonderful he lives now.)