Jesse: You've Been Spotted!

It's been a year since Jesse teamed up with his new Dad Terrence. 50,000 miles later, the road ahead still looks bright.


Posted March 9th, 2005.


Jesse__TerrenceOne year ago today I came to you in need of a new companion, a new spotted companion after the loss of Lucky. Lucky and I were inseparable for 15 years, it was like losing an arm or a leg as you recently experienced with the loss of Lady.

Thank God you do what you do with your rescue.

I'm not too sure if you know it or not, but not only do you rescue, care for, and provide hope for the future of the little creatures whom without your assistance would be doomed to death, starvation, maltreatment and poor care, but through your rescue efforts, you give a lot more back to people like me. I was at a loss when I came to you in search of a new companion. You were, at this time last year, caring for some 30 to 40 dogs. I was met at the gate by a Dal that I later told you I wanted, and you explained, "No, this one Pat and are going to keep. He is not available for adoption." You explained he had been adopted out and brought back three times in his short life of 14 months and it was for that reason you felt it would be better for me to find another dog!

Yet something told me that was the dog for me.

I finally convinced you, after your thorough background check on me, to let me take your Jesse!

Susan, Pat, thank you!

Thank you for all of your hard work and for your trust to turn over the care of Jesse to me.

This year has been awesome with my new friend and companion. We have traveled some 50,000 miles together in Jesse's truck (see pic). He was trained by a professional and loves himself finally! Someone very close to me explained their idea on how Jesse and I got together:

When Lucky died he crossed that Rainbow Bridge and went straight to GOD and said, "Find the most difficult Dalmatian on earth and bring him to my old human. It was with love and care I lived for 15 years with him and he will do the same for the toughest of Dalmatians."


Thank you both again!

 Terrence and Jesse


UPDATE excerpts March 27, 2010:

Jesse_vet_visitsJesse_recovery6 years it’s been Susan. I came to you with my heart in pieces after "Lucky" headed for the “Rainbow Bridge"! While he waits, I am laying here on a beautiful Saturday morning listening to the birds tweet. Curled up in the bed next to me is my constant companion The Spotted Wonder "Jessie JJ Macdaddy", his nicknames among others. We returned to the beach this winter from our sailing adventures that took us all the way up to Nova Scotia, where Jessie had a bout with cancer. A tumor it seemed was in his nose. We headed to OHIO STATE MED VETS after parking the boat for the winter in the shipyard at Baltimore, MD. It took from October 15th thru Thanksgiving for them to kill the mass. Yet the winter season for us got a colder chill when on the 19th of December my father passed in Atlanta, he was 79.


I am still grateful for your trust when after deciding to take Jess you said to me "he’s really not up for adoption". You gave me his history of "BAD BEHAVIOR". I pled with you, so you made a few calls to reference my commitment to keeping and providing for this wonderful sweet dog.

Jesse_HAGJesse_RomeoSusan, we are coming on now our 7th spring season since you allowed this lil’ guy to come along for the ride of his life. As you know, we haven't slowed down… so many places to see, people to meet, and “butts” to sniff. We run free off -leash; just over the hill is another friend. At my side the whole time (and do mean always) Jess has sat. He is a trooper. Susan, with the loving eyes of a parent he looked at me and in his darkest days while he dealt with chemo, radiation, and some real nasty procedures through his nostrils; he would look at me with those big brown eyes with concern for me??!!!!!!  He told me in a glance, he would endure this and more just to make sure I was ok...

Jesse_Nativity   Jessies_Corvette  Jesse_audition_for_Scotts

You know the love I am talking about. I know you do. From God’s love, to a father’s love, the love of Jess, and ultimately the love in the heart of a woman just like you. That makes today a beautiful Sat morn, just hanging with my buddy, a possibility.

 If not for you and your trust 6 years ago these things I write, these things we do, and adventures I plan for us wouldn’t be possible for Jess. 

Thank You.
Terrence and Jessie. You've been spotted    


Jesse continues to pay if forward forward for his pal Oliver.