From Street Dal to Princess Dal!

 stardust3In January we received a desperate call from a very rural shelter in southern Georgia wanting help with a very young purebred female Dalmatian found on the streets. Call it luck, karma or whatever; we just happened to have a home waiting for just such a Dalmatian. The Stone family in Tampa has a 12-year-old Dal boy named Hopper that they wanted to find a friend for to help him in his old age. Photos were emailed and the rest is history.

Stardust_now_Princess_DaliaOur transport team of Chris C. and Frank N. made the trip all the way from Georgia to Tampa and before dark, little "Dalia" was settled in her new home. Of course, the happy ending was not without a few problems. Little Ms. Pretty decided she would right away take over the home and started growling at poor old Hopper. After a consult with DRTB, that behavior was quickly put to rest by giving her a quick squirt of water whenever she decided to act out. Now, a couple of weeks into her new forever home, Cathy writes:

"Thought you'd love this pic.  We're all doing fine...quite a happy family!  Dalia’s vet visit went well today.  Thank you so much for bringing her to us!"

Kudos to Cathy and family for their efforts in working through the initial problems of the introduction. Dogs just need time to work things out and most problems can usually be solved quite easily. It has also been noticed that Dalia may be partially deaf - but no matter to her new family...they love her just the same.