Another Old Abandoned Spot Hits It Big!

leila_1Previous "Foster Flunkie" & current "Dal Mom" Linda McL. rescued "Leila" (aka Keaira) for DRTB out of the Miami Dade shelter on September 11th last year. She was pretty dirty, complete with a few dead ticks, but it still appeared that someone at some point had cared for this pretty spotted senior. She also suffers seizures (thankfully only about once a month) and cataracts reflecting her advanced age.

leilapackDespite all that, with a lot of love, she is now sleeping and eating well, getting eye drops, and other special spoiling. As with most of our Velcro Dals, she loves to be cuddled and kissed and she gives gentle kisses back. Linda thinks she does have low self-esteem though... always hanging at the back of the pack (with Maya Bei another DRTB alum, Monroe, and Mackensie) and approaching very timidly when she wants attention. Linda tells us her face shows pure ecstasy when she does get special attention!

Senior Dals, no matter how lovable, are hard to place. Those of us with them know they are the best. So thank you Linda and Dick for being foster flunkies!