Wendy & Walter - A Kind Of Love Story

Wendy__rescuedThe Sammis family has always loved Dalmatians. Years ago they adopted both Cyrus and then Crickett from DRTB. Sadly both recently passed away and left a very big empty spot in the home. Now that spot is full once more. Barb waltercontacted us to look for another pair of Dals to grace their home. It's kind of a coincidence that "Wendy and Walter" both fit the bill.

We rescued Wendy from the Miami-Dade Animal Shelter where she had been found in pretty rough shape. Poor Walter had been left all alone and ignored in a backyard even before his owner just up and moved away (they must not have had room to pack him… yeah, right). Both dogs went through a lot of medical treatment before they could be put up for adoption.

wendy_secure__asleepWendy was adopted first. By the looks of the photo of her on the bed, she has made herself right at home. Of course, she didn't know that she was going to get a spotted brother as a Happy New Year present. When Walter arrived, she snapped twice at him, so he growled right back at her. But with a little time and the realization that neither of them was going anywhere, Wendy now follows Walter wendy_follows_waltereverywhere. Friends have asked the couple where they get such nice dogs... the answer, of course, is Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay!!!!

Thanks to EVERYONE who helped with these rescues... Jay, Pat, Linda, Chris, and Lee!