The Best Lifetime Health Care Plan!!

Ginger_standingManatee Co. Animal Services contacted DRTB to ask for help with a female Dalmatian who was part of a confiscation of 70+ dogs. It appeared that someone was collecting all the "free" dogs off of Craigslist and either selling them or using them to breed. Luckily for us, Ginger the Dalmatian, had neither happen to her before we could step in to rescue her.

Despite being a beautiful young female, she was left outside without care. Thanks to Mary Ellen and Jordan for fostering her and making sure she got the care she needed (spaying, vaccines, de-worming) before we could get her in a forever home. The great news is she was heartworm negative! We believe that before being given away on Craigslist (DON'T YOU EVER DO THAT), she must have been someone’s pet.

ginger__drmark Next to thank is Jan S. in Sarasota who has adopted Dals from us and goes to a nice veterinarian we will call Dr. Mark. She told him about DRTB and mentioned he might want to contact us since his current rescued Dal gal is getting up there in age.

He did, they all met, and love happened. As you can see in the photo... Ginger quickly has made herself right at home with Dr. Mark and Taylor, his other Dal (Ginger is on his lap).

In Dr. Marks latest update email to Mary he wrote ""Ginger is doing great. She has met all her cousins and made friends. I am amazed by how well she listens. I think she looks happy. What do you think?"

Yes, we think she looks delightfully happy!!!!  And again, we thank everyone who supports our cause that we can continue to make Happy Endings like this work.