Another One Bites the Dust!

Rufus__MarkMark H., a first time foster volunteer, quickly joined the ranks of our Foster Flunkies. Is it any wonder when you look at this photo why he couldn't let Rufus go to another home?

Rufus_makes_a_callAfter having lost his beloved Dalmatian three years ago, Mark finally decided it was time to help another by fostering. Rufus, an adorable 5-6 month stray found in Jacksonville, quickly wormed his way into Mark's heart. Rufus has made himself the "little man of the house" being spoiled rotten by Mark and his roommate. Since they work from home a lot, they are able to work with and retrain Rufus' puppy antics of taking everything in his mouth.

His latest achievement is mastering the local dog park where he ran around with all the other dogs for an hour and a half. From the sounds of Mark's email, we're not sure who had more fun... Mark or Rufus.

His next venture is meeting the family for the holidays... Rufus is sure to be a big hit. Thanks to all who helped save Rufus - Chris D., Jay C., & Chris C. - until he could find his special place. And thanks Mark for giving fostering a try!