Two Florida Spots Make The Move To North Carolina!

garypurdyEsther and Gary were so in love with the first Dalmatian we adopted to them a few months ago, they came back for a second!

Gary drove all the way to Tampa from Franklin, North Carolina after seeing a plea for a home for Purdy... a beautiful spotted girl who wound up in a Florida high-kill shelter. She and their older Cocker Spaniel Carolina, quickly became good pals and all was well. UNTIL they saw our notice that 6-month-old gorgeous Pongo (bought at a pet store and given up twice) needed a home.

pongowithpurdyWith a fenced in acre, what's one more to dog/spot lovers???? Thanks to Lee S. for driving Pongo to North Florida to meet Gary so that Pongo could have his forever home. According to Esther, Pongo follows Purdy everywhere and Purdy follows Gary everywhere! Esther takes the photos and keeps us informed of the newfound happiness in the household!