A Happy Ending for Mr. Chester "Happy Tail"

chester_adopt_meFor a long time, it seemed like Chester was never going to get adopted. The poor stray Dal-mix came to us with a really bad case of heartworms. Then he managed to get a neck hematoma from a blood draw because of low platelets. But through it all, probably the hardest to fix was Chester’s unstoppable "happy tail" syndrome which led to blood spattering all over foster Mom Karen's walls (which she is still cleaning up months after his adoption!). Chester also has a passion for consuming leather - he ate his entire leash on the way home from a vet trip. And he discovered how to remove the door to his crate while undergoing heartworm treatment. All in all, it appeared that happy-go-lucky Chester was not going to be an easy adoption.

chester__sisterBut on one very lucky day, M'Lu, who has followed DRTB for a couple of years, decided that their "Misty" needed a pal, one that would be happy going camping in an RV on fun adventures. Thankfully Chester caught her eye as a perfect playmate for Misty.

chester_new_familyAnd perfect (well almost) it has turned out to be. Chester and Misty are great pals and both love the RV. Chester still suffers from his "happy tail" and leather chewing passions, but we are so grateful to M'Lu for not giving up on him. Apparently his good qualities outweigh the bad and he is staying in his new forever home for life!