DRTB Saves Obese Dog from Sure Death

charleyCharley, a VERY obese 13-year-old Dal-mix with a thyroid condition, was left at her veterinarian's office because her owner could no longer financially care for her. In fact, he was so desperate, he was feeding her cat food to save money. Obviously, he had been doing this for a long time to get her as overweight as she is though her thyroid condition exacerbated her problem. The vet's office contacted Sherry to beg us to take her as they knew if she was turned into a shelter that she would be deemed unadoptable & immediately euthanized.

charley3aSandy, our ever-ready-to-help foster Mom, steps up to the plate over and over again for these senior furkids. She brought Charley into her already full senior pack knowing she will probably be a care-for-life canine. Despite her huge size and sores from neglect, Sandy describes Charley as just being a happy-go-lucky girl who just wants to belong. With Sandy's TLC, we expect Charley to be back to normal soon! 

charley1aThank you Sandy and Sherry for helping old Charley out!


A short note: We all want to show our love to our dogs, but allowing our dogs to become severely obese regardless of underlying health issues is a sure way to have them die a premature death. Please feel free to contact DRTB for ideas to keep your Dals & Dal-mixes in shape, food is not the only way to reward them. :D