A REALLY, REALLY Long Way Home!!

Hobo_at_ClayWe are so often bombarded with lists of dogs needing rescue, but already overwhelmed with fosters, that sometimes we can't even look at the photos.  It just becomes too sad when you know you can't save them all.


But Hobo is one of the lucky ones whose photo I happened to see in a list of dogs about to be euthanized the following day at the animal control in Jacksonville.  When I saw his cute face, we sprang into action.  Thanks to our always wonderful volunteers, Hobo was one lucky canine who escaped his untimely ending. 


"Hobo Clay", as we named him, had been found as a stray.  Once we got him safe, we realized he wasn't even part Dalmatian, but what the heck, he was black and white!  Every volunteer who met him said over and over again how very calm, gentle mannered and lovable he was.  And heartworm negative!  He loved to roll over for belly rubs whenever given a chance.  But unfortunately no one came forward to adopt him.


Annie__HoboI just happened to be at lunch with a friend on Orcas Island -  where we currently reside - when she mentioned she was looking for a second dog to adopt.  Her current dog had just turned 17 and she wanted to get her a pal.  The minute she said a cattle dog mix would be her first choice I told her we had the perfect dog for her!  Photos were sent and an immediate love affair began.


Shannon__HoboAnd so Hobo, along with another hard to place deaf Dal mix, were transported all the way across the country.  When Annie and her son Shannon met Hobo in person, the love affair grew.  Now renamed "Charlie Bear Paw", he is living a fantasy life on five acres in the Pacific Northwest.  Being a really dog friendly place with gentle weather, Charlie gets to go everywhere with either Annie or Shannon.  He already has his new tags with his forever home address hug around his neck.  And they tell me he looks oh so happy laying in front of the wood stove - his days in the shelter are now a distant memory of the past. 


Thanks so much to Jay, Donna, Carole & Ginny, Pat, Mary, and Paw Prince for making Hobo's dreams come true!