Old But Not Forgotten

This_DOG_-_IDA1286271_SpottyOur "pack" traveled all the way to Miami to pick this poor old soul up from the shelter. It appears that "Spotty," as the shelter named him, was found on the streets. At some point in his life we think that someone must have loved and cared for him. He had been neutered and had an expensive, life-saving operation for stones. What happened to poor "Spotty" next is unknown, but given the horrible condition he is in it's obvious that the love and care did not last. Covered in ticks and fleas, Spotty was so sore from arthritis that when Linda M. went to pick him up he couldn't even sit. At first it was thought that he might have been hit by a car while wandering the streets. After a thorough check over at Dr. Hongs that no longer appears to be the case. Dr. Hong thinks he has been very badly neglected for the past few years. He has a heart murmur, ear infections, arthritis in the hind legs, and wounds from being left outside. We're getting him all fixed up and he's going to a wonderful home with Alison C. for the remainder of his life. 

Spotty_1Despite all he has endured, his little tail was still wagging and a small light was shining in his eyes. That's why we still try and save the old spots.

Thanks so much to Linda McL. for her overnight care and transport, Chris C. for driving all the way to Naples so he could get care at Dr. Hong's & then delivering him to his new Mom, and Alison C. for taking this old man in.  We find ourselves suddenly faced with so many old dogs that need our help.....donations to offset the healing for these seniors would be so greatly appreciated and so needed.


Update September 3rd:

From his new Mom Alison:


Colin Alexander Surber was born today. I hear mother and baby are fine but I am not Internet savvy enough to send you the photos from my cell phone. Coincidentally he shares a birthday with Lysander Calkins.  The original Lysander was the 'Spartan general who accepted the surrender of Athens, ending the Peloponnesian Wars. 

Our Lysander was found wandering in Miami. He is about 10 years old. He was infested with ticks and has Rimadyl-dependent hip dysplasia. But long ago somebody loved him. I say that because his urethra has been diverted from his penis to his perineum. So, he pees like a girl. This is expensive and usually done for bladder stones. Poor boy, he lifts his leg and pee squirts out the  back.

Colin Alexander is much loved. One must believe that he pees correctly. Lysander is also loved and can pee any way he wants. One day they will know each other.  



Update September 7th:

He spent the better part of his first 30 hours with us sound asleep, and he spent most of his precious awake time having diarrhea. D’ya think he was s-t-r-e-s-s-e-d-o-u-t? Finally, by Saturday we were beginning to see inklings of personality.

So, yesterday  I sat him down and explained to him the origin of his name*. (Turns out, this was a mistake—more later). Within about day, it got shortened to “Sander”. Of course he does not yet know this name, so, he is not offended that Maria calls him “Colonel Sanders”. He follows me everywhere—well, everywhere that does not involve the dreaded stairs.

Physically, he’s a wreck. His hips are weak (shades of Emily!) and his new plumbing means when he lifts he leg he pees on his other foot. But, he doesn’t worry about these things. I do that. And, he knows ALL ABOUT people food. He stands motionless, inches from my face as I floss my teeth, hoping that little string is something tasty and shareable.

He won’t cuddle. But he plays with toys and he has rounded up all the old ones the girls have abandoned. He also invents toys. Toilet paper is particularly appealing—makes a glorious mess, and it’s plentiful. Alas, he knows a few games I wish he didn’t, like tug-o-war:

Me:  “Sh*t, that’s a fifty dollar Victoria’s Secret bra!”

Him:  “Yeah well, it’s like Athens, baby. You want it? Come get it!”

  *Lysander was the Spartan general who conquered Athens ending the 30 year Peloponnesian war