Wally Gets A Brother

Snapped Up Really Fast!


wallyrockyWe knew when we took in "Wally" he would probably be adopted pretty fast, but we had no idea just how fast! As soon as Wally's photos appeared in our monthly newsletter, we got an email from Jan in Dunedin who along with her son had adopted Scamp from us a year ago. We didn't even get time to post him on Petfinder.

The two boys bonded instantly and Jan told us "they have taken to sleeping together in one kennel now!! They play together and Rocky has a wonderful personality. He is very loving, just like Scamp. He thinks he's a lapdog and tries to crawl up in our laps. It's precious. We are just crazy about both of them!

And we're crazy about the wonderful people who give these guys a new lease on life! Thanks to Karen H. for fostering Rocky. And to Donna for pulling him from the shelter.