Off A Chain And Into The Lap Of Luxury!


Maya was found languishing chained up in a backyard in Citrus County with no food and water. She had been there for at least a week before a curious neighbor finally found her and called in Animal Control. The owner had been taken to jail and neglected to mention anything about leaving his dog behind. Luckily Maya was found in time... another day or two and she could have been dead from pure dehydration in the hot sun. 

Now after months of tender loving care by Foster Mom Judy and being treated for heartworms (among other problems), 2 year old Maya has found her way into the hearts of her new owners Linda and Dick. They are true Dalmatian lovers and Maya has joined their spotted family of 3 others. 


mayanewhomemayawithdadLinda wrote us to say, "I think we have one happy little girl! I wish you could see her prancing up and down the hall and following anything that moves. We really could have called this one Princess 'cause she's got it down pat!" We are so happy for Princess Maya... she deserves it after what she has been through.  

Many thanks to Joyce D., our faithful supporter of  many years, who helped financially to take care of Maya. Hugs to Ginny and Carol, our Homosassa transport team for picking Maya up at the shelter. Tail Wags to Officer Laura for caring so much about the poor abused animals she brings in day after day. We always say we couldn't do it without all of you and here is another case of a spotted success story!


Citrus County Abuse Case

Left Chained To A Fence

March 2010

We received a call from the shelter asking for help with a recent abuse/neglect case involving a starved Dalmatian. According to the vet, this is the story about Maya.

Maya was found by a neighbor tied on a short chain to a fence. She had no food, water, shelter or even shade. She was lying in the dirt with an old towel on the ground outside of her reach. She was skin and bones at 30 pounds and no one had seen the owner of the house recently. Dried feces in the yard looked about two weeks old indicating that was probably the last time Maya had been fed. There was a small Yorkie also left inside the house. The Sheriff confiscated both animals and took them to animal control.

Dr. Julie said that Maya was skin and bones with very pale mucus membranes. She should have weighed about 45-50 pounds. And of course she wasn't spayed, had hookworms and roundworms and is high heartworm positive. There were scars on her neck from the chain. Apparently the owner has a history of going in and out of jail. The cruelty case will go to civil court but he will probably only get fined a small amount.

Once fed, Maya put on 4-6 pounds in a week. Thanks to Judy F. for being willing to foster her through her heartworm treatment and give her LOTS of love. Thank you also to Linda M. and Joan M. who have contributed directly to Maya's treatment costs. And to our Homosassa team of transporters Carol & Ginny. Because of all of you, Maya is never going to suffer again. If you'd like to contribute to help her, we welcome greatly all donations.

Many thanks to Joan M. and Linda M. for their kind contributions to help Maya.