Chase, A Gentle Giant

by Jennifer Sterner

ChaseChase_faceChase came into my life when there was a big hole to fill and was a perfect fit. He was big and clumsy, but sweet, loving, and most of all wanted to be near me and be loved. And he was so much! He was a best friend to Tag and Blue (my other 2 Dals) and when my 2 babies were born he was the most gentle soul with them, letting them pull on him, lay on him, and hug him senseless. He was getting older, recovering from kidney surgery and suffering badly from arthritis and Cushing’s when his time to go came about. He is missed every day and I hope now he is running around and playing ball (something he was never taught to do as a young puppy by his neglectful 1st family) and knows how much we miss and love him. Sleep well my sweet gentle giant boy and I will see you and hug you again! Love, Mommy