Cruz, Part of Our Family

by Mellisa Dearth & Julian Araiza

Cruz_faceCruz came to us as our second DRTB adoption, and at 12 years old we knew that we wanted to give him a place to live out the rest of him years. Molly who is our first DRTB baby was the only dog in the house and we loved the idea of her having a companion. The day we brought Cruz home was perfect. His foster, Jay Cannaday, had told us about him and we really hoped that he would get along with Molly. When we brought him home Molly walked right up to Cruz, licked his face and we knew we had found the perfect companion for her. Ever since that day Cruz has been a wonderful part of our family. Cruz was full of energy and his tail was always going. Cruz had three wonderful years with us. Cruz_tributeRecently when Cruz fell ill, we knew that we wanted to make his remaining days with as comfortable as possible. Cruz just was not doing well and we knew that our days with him were becoming limited. This past weekend Cruz was having a really hard day. Julian and I wrapped Cruz in a blanket and we laid down with him and comforted him the best we could. Before too long the three of us had drifted off to sleep. When we woke up we saw that Cruz did not wake up. As heartbreaking as it was we were relieved that we were with Cruz until the end. Cruz was a one of a kind, and we cherished every day we had with him. We can never thank the wonderful people at DRTB for taking Cruz in and giving him a second chance at life.