Cavan, my best friend

Cavan-2Cavan started life as the best friend of a transient. He was the calmest, most gentle dog I have ever known. Unfortunately, Cavan developed a heart murmur. His dad knew he could not give his dog the care he needed He loved him enough to let his best friend look for a safer home. Cavan was released to the local shelter. I always wished I could have let the man know that Cavan had found a loved pampered home. He went from the streets to Spanish Bay in Carmel, shopping at Saks and Neimans, and riding in his own Porsche. Cavan was between 11 and 13 when I adopted him. He helped me raise two feral kittens. He put up with their kneeding his side with their tiny razor claws! He never met anyone or anything he did not love. He became a working therapy dog, visiting the senior homes several times a month. His love and gentleness was appreciated by all that met him. The SF Giants baseball team has the Dog Daze of summer every August. Cavan cheered for two wonderful seasons. He shared my bed and heart for 22 wonderful months.

Cavan__DiceUnfortunately, he bloated on Dec. 9th 2011.

He was rushed into surgery and seemed to be doing great. Sat. night the surgeon expected him to be going home in a day or so. Early Sunday, the 11th, his weakened heart stopped. Thanks to great medical care they got it going again. He knew I was there, petting and kissing and talking to him. About 11am his heart gave out for the final time.  I had to let him go. I was blessed to have had three extra hours with him and to have had him know I was with him. I try to keep that memory, but I wanted so much more time with Cavan. He truly was a class act; a total gentleman and my best friend! I will miss him for all of my life, but I was blessed with a true gift in him. I am grateful that.  

Cavan you are loved and missed everyday!!  Until, Mom