Siren's Story

Siren_jumpslucy_siren_in_pondSiren, now 11-years-old, was a stray from Citrus County. Siren is somewhat of a nutcase, he suffers from the canine version of obsessive/compulsive disorder. No kidding! Without his medication, he wails at the top of his lungs like a siren. He leaps, twirls, and snaps in the air at nothing and has jumped right into the middle of a bonfire. After adopting him out three times and having him returned each time, we finally decided he needed to stay on our ranch. He just recently lost his best Dal-gal Lucy who crossed the bridge in March 2010, they were like an old married couple. Siren loves his tennis balls.

UPDATE November 16, 2013: With his body failing at an estimate 14-15 years of age, Siren was allowed to cross the Rainbow Bridge to follow his Dal-gal Lucy on the other side. He was one of two remaining sanctuary dogs that had moved to Orcas Island. DoGspeed Siren... we hope you & Lucy are having fun splashing about together again.