Putnam's Story - A Beauty Now!

Putnam_at_shelter  Putnam_scars  Putnam_tail_wagging

Putnam_rescued  Putnam_baileys_shadow putter_and_dad

Putnam was one of the worst abuse cases we've taken in. Turned into a rural, very high-kill shelter in Putnam County, everyone who saw him took pity on him and wanted him saved. He was so thin that all his bones were showing. He was filthy and smelly too. He had several open wounds around his neck... almost like someone tried to hang him with a wire. The scars are still there today as a constant reminder of his sad past.

Many donated to help us help him. Today he is a beautiful Dalmatian and only about 9-years-old. The problem with adopting him out is that he is VERY skittish and timid of new people because of his past. He can lash out. We felt it would be safer to keep him safe with us. He has his Dal-pals there at the sanctuary, Bailey & Egor, which makes him quite happy. Occasionally, he likes to help out Dad running the fire-station.

Putnam is SPONSORED BY THE RUDOLPH FAMILY, but our Putnam would love to see his other Care-For-Life Dal-pals have sponsors too!