Biff's Story


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Early in 2009 a then 8-year-old Biff was dropped off at the local vet’s office; his owner could not afford to take care of him any longer. The family wanted to put him down, but the vet felt that Biff was still in great shape and did not deserve to die. Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay was contacted and Biff was picked up. He was taken to go live in a foster home.

Poor Biff, when he first met his foster Mom he was so shy and standoffish. He tried to hide and stay by himself. It must have been confusing for him. His foster Mom prevailed and Biff now loves to be petted and will come up and push at your hand until he gets the attention he wants. He spends most of his day sleeping on his foster Mom’s bed when she is at work. He has turned into the best guard dog, letting strangers know that his house is “Protected by Biff.”

Biff a loving senior boy who needs Rimadyl and Joint Max to help keep away aches and pains.

Biff would love to have a sponsor to help keep him comfortable in his golden years. Could you be Biff's special sponsor?